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Report Abuse & Neglect

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Like most animal rescue organizations, Horse Creek does not have the authority to seize animals from private individuals and cannot assist you in cases like these. The exception is when an owner voluntarily contacts us to surrender their horse to us.

In the State of Florida you would report suspected cases of abuse or neglect to your local animal control agency or humane society for the city or county in which the horse is located. Click here for a list of links for the state of Florida.

In certain municipalities, unincorporated areas or other states the procedure may be the same or you may have to contact a local law enforcement agency such as the police or sheriff’s department.

What information is needed to investigate equine abuse/neglect?

  • The address or clear description of where the equine is located. An investigator must be able to locate the animal.
  • A description of the abuse/neglect and who witnessed it. An investigator needs to know so they may be able to locate specific indicators on the horse, such as scars, injuries, general condition, etc.
  • A description of the horse(s) involved (size, breed, color, markings). An investigator must be able to identify the abused/neglected horse specifically, especially if it is housed with or part of a group of horses. Be specific, many horse descriptions can sound the same without specific identifying features.

You may be asked for your name, address and telephone number. This information is typically kept confidential when an investigator inquires with an owner about the condition of the reported animal. However, an investigator may need this information if a warrant will be needed to enter a barn in order to view the horse, the investigator has questions about how to find the horse, or the investigator wants to ask you to monitor the situation in the future.

For equine cruelty investigations to be effective and hopefully remedy the situation, your help and cooperation ensure the best outcomes for the animals involved.