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Future Goals

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At Horse Creek, we have a passion for passing on what has successfully worked for us in rehabilitating and training horses throughout our lives. We utilize many tools from natural horsemanship, as well as our equine education and resources to do everything we can to quickly restore our rescues physically as well as mentally.

One of our future goals is to offer clinics and seminars in natural horsemanship.  The topics of information will include selecting the right horse, equine nutrition, leadership and respect, safety in handling a horse, mechanics of a horse, ground work, and preparation for the first ride.  The importance of proper communication skills is vital to the basic care of equine.  Our hope is to educate enough people that in time fewer horses will need to be rescued from abusive handling and training techniques.

Secondly, we would like to pay the good deeds done for our rescue forward to those in need in our community. We would like to develop and offer therapeutic programs for children and adults with physical, mental or emotional disabilities. Working with horses offers tremendous benefits to those suffering from a variety of conditions and it would bring us great joy to blend rescuing our horses with offering programs that help our community.