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Adoption Program

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Some of the equine rescued here at Horse Creek are available for adoption – view the horses available for adoption here. Some may never be ridden again and are only suitable as a companion, while others can be ridden to some degree that is determined during our assessments.  We do our best to evaluate each horse, offer rehabilitation and training in an effort to  find the right home for the right horse.

We screen each and every interested adopter thoroughly through a questionnaire to gain insight on the amount of knowledge they have, the shelter they can provide, pastures available, if they have a veterinarian, a farrier, ect.  We try to match temperament, talents, and physical capabilities while placing each horse in a suitable home.  There is a unique bond that forms between horse and people, especially children which is a rewarding transition and we enjoy educating each person that wishes to adopt.

To ensure the safekeeping of each horse adopted, we schedule regular follow up inquiries and annual site visits with adopters. We continue to be involved as an additional resource for each adopted horse and its new owners to avoid any further suffering or mistreatment of any of the horses. In the instance where an adopter must re-home their adopted horse, we remain involved and lend assistance to continue facilitating the humane treatment of our adopted equine friends.

Application forms are available upon request by contacting us.

Horses available for adoption are shown by appointment only and after the completion and review of applications by Horse Creek staff.