Horse Creek Rescue - a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Tax Deductible Equine Rescue

Horse Creek is nestled in the woods outside Barberville, FL and features 40 acres of rich land suited for the caring of horses. Horse Creek is dedicated to the recovery of abandoned and mistreated horses. They currently have 29 horses in their care.

Helping children

The goal of the Horse Creek Equestrian Center is to assist in the recovery of abused, neglected and mistreated horses and quines but also to help aide War Veterans and special needs children.

Sponsorship Program

We offer a sponsorship program which allows you to choose a horse and contribute to their care and feeding. The horse will be stabled at Horse Creek and the sponsor is free to visit anytime.

Adoption Program

Some of the equine rescued here at Horse Creek are available for adoption. Many may never be ridden again and are only suitable as a companion, while others will remain here in our retirement program.

Rescue Program

The rescue of abandoned, abused and neglected horses initiated the foundation of Horse Creek Rescue. Our dedication to the humane treatment of equine has led us to seek out new ways to communicate with horses.

How you can help us fundraise

Just one time donation

I'd prefer to give monthly donation

Your charitable donation will help us greatly in the recovery of abandoned, abused and mistreated horses and equine. Every dollar raised will help aide us in our quest to rescuing neglected horses. If you never LOVE a horse, you'll never understand.

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Horse Creek Rescue's Annual Costs

All of the costs involved with the rescuing of the horses at Horse Creek Rescue are coming out of our own pockets. We are desperatly seeking funds to help us continue our contribution to society.

  • Grain & Hay - $14,000
  • Ferrier & Dentist - $4,000
  • Vets, Shots, Wormer - $3,000
  • Rescuing a Horse - PRICELESS

This is just a small list of the annual costs involved with helping keep these horses alive and living in a stable environment. These prices don't include all the blood, sweat and tears it has taken to give these abused and neglected horses a second chance. Help be a part of the solution today!

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